Why SBS Controls

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Serve more beer!

Eliminate the frustration of changing TV channels and focus on sales.

Go mobile

Always keep control within reach with our optional mobile license

Go big

Our 22" HD control panel provides a massive clear interface with the security of a fixed control panel.

Built for today and tomorrow

We built SBS Controls from the ground up with todays latest web and cloud technologies.


We have options for almost any budget

Quick and easy setup

No programming knowledge is required to setup our system, our integrators interface is intuitive and simple

What some of our users have to say...

BWW New Lenox/ Orland Park

"We had the old Knox control in our stores, and the new SBS system is a huge improvement, we couldn't be happier!"

Anthony's Joliet

"This system is bad a**, it saves me time and is simple to use. I love the saved states feature!"

Jamesons Frankfort

"This system is awesome, the video preview is crystal clear, and the presets make our morning setup quick and easy."

Carbon Arc

"We love the ease of use of the SBS System installed by Travis Sound, having everything on the iPad makes it quick and convienent to take care of our guest."

3 Corners Lemont

"This thing is awesome, I should have installed it years ago, it's great being able to adjust the volume from the iPad while in the area I'm adjusting"

Harry Carays WTP

"The SBS Controls system was a great upgrade from our old Knox control system, it is much more responsive and the video preview is 1000% more clear."

What some of our integrators have to say...


"The absolule best sports bar control system available, it is the easiest to install and has the best interface I have seen."


"A no brainer for every sports bar with a matrix. The most intuitive installer and user interface I've seen.

T&T Pro Audio Video

"Our biggest client has well over 100 bars with Knox Controls, and this is a perfect upgrade."

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